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Case Study:
Marketing Organization

Opportunity: Our customer designed a product for the construction industry that required the hot melt lamination of two substrates and then rewinding the laminated product to smaller rolls.

Our customer required the following steps to launch the product:

  • Trial time to confirm substrates would bond well and verify rewinding process for end use.
  • Peel testing to quantify laminated products for quality control throughout the converting process
  • Verify packaging would be suitable for less than truckload and truckload transportation.
  • Confirm estimates on scrap/waste.

With the full involvement of our customer, we identified the following areas that needed confirming:

  • Identify the proper adhesive for the application.
  • Show that all substrates are compatible throughout the converting process.
  • Identify all packaging requirements are fit for the post converting and shipping steps.
  • Verify waste assumptions can be met during the converting process.
  • Verify production throughputs and turn around time.

Results - Within one trial, CPI was able to confirm the following:

  • Peel tests showed that CPI’s process exceeded the necessary bond strengths and repeatability was found throughout the process.
  • Finished goods packaging could be curtailed as original assumptions were excessive.
  • CPI’s process of lamination and winding reduced the customers scrap assumptions by 33%.
  • Assumed production times were reduced by 20% from original projections as CPI’s operators found more efficient ways to convert the product.

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