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CPI PasteLoc Battery Papers

Converted Products, Inc. (CPI) has established itself as a leading source for high quality, economically centered pasting papers used in the manufacture of lead acid batteries throughout the world. Through our global partnerships, CPI’s worldwide reach in sales and technical support provide current and potential customers a solid source for not only products but knowledge as well.

Our paper has been the standard in the industry for over 20 years with the following features:

  • Greater efficiencies, greater value per battery
  • High porosity for greater bonding with lead acid paste
  • Low chloride and organic metals for better long term battery life
  • Chemically pure sheet for greater recycling of the battery
  • Exceptional processing
  • Short lead times with warehouses worldwide

For more information, download our CPI PasteLoc Sell Sheet or email us: sales@convertedproducts.com.


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