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Hot Melt Laminating and Pressure Sensitive Laminating

For more than 20 years, Converted Products, Incorporated has offered a wide range of services in the Contract Converting Industry including hot melt laminating and pressure sensitive laminating. In performing hot melt laminating and pressure sensitive laminating, we serve clients from different industries notably from the medical, packaging, filtration, transportation and construction sectors. 

Hot Melt Laminating Services:

The types of substrates we can laminate includes a long list of flexible materials. The list includes, but is not limited to, polyester film, polyethylene film, airlaid, chipboard (up to .030”), poly foam, foil/scrim, paper, fiberglass mat, meltblown, spunbond, high loft polyester and tissue.

Why choose Converted Products?

A recent case study regarding a long time client of Converted Products proved that our laminating process was world class. The client designed a product for the construction industry that would require lamination of two flexible substrates followed by rewinding of the laminated products into smaller rolls. At the end of the trials CPI was able to confirm that: 

  • Based upon their assumptions from another converter they had worked with, CPI’s production time shrunk production lead times by 20%.
  • CPI's process of hot melt lamination reduced the client's scrap assumption by a 33%. 
  • After discussing packaging options and what would work for their end customers, CPI’s ability to pack out a truck allowed the client to fit more on truck and in turn reduce their freight costs by 12%.

Converted Products' Hot Melt Laminating Capabilities:

Unwind Capabilities

  • Up to 98” Wide
  • Up to 69” OD, 3”, 6”, 10”, or 12” ID

Laminating Specifications

  • ITW Dynatec Hot Melt Application System
  • 2 or 3 Ply Laminations
  • Spray Widths up to 97”
  • Meltblown Spray Pattern
  • 1” Minimum Spray Pattern
  • Zone Spraying Available
  • Add on Levels from 1 gsm to 20 gsm
  • Inline slitting available

Rewind Capabilities

  • Up to 98” Wide
  • Up to 60” OD, 3” or 6” ID cores

Converted Products' Pressure Sensitive Laminating Capabilities:

Similar to our rewind slitting services, our pressure sensitive laminating service can handle a variety of substrate and more importantly, a variety of adhesive types. We can tapes that include acrylic, hot melt rubber, solvent based and butyl rubber based adhesives.

Unwind Capabilities

  • Up to 72” Wide
  • Core sizes 3”, 6”, 10”, or 12” ID

Laminating Specifications

  • 2 Ply Laminations
  • Roll to Roll Laminating
  • Online slitting available from ½” to 72” wide

Rewind Capabilities

  • Up to 21” OD, 1.5, 3” or 6” ID cores

In addition, should you need something laminated and then traverse wound, check out our spool winding services.

If you have an application and would like to find out whether it is fit for hot melt laminating or pressure sensitive laminating, contact us today and we will advice you accordingly. Give us a call at + 1 (414) 354-4433 or email us at


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