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Rewind Slitting Services

Converted Products Inc. (CPI) has created a niche as a leading converter when it comes to precision slitting and rewinding services. We have set high standards across a variety of industries including the filtration, medical, graphic arts, automotive and construction industries.

What makes Converted Products Slitting Services unique? 

Our state of the art equipment makes it possible to slit virtually any flexible material you can think, whether it is film, paper, tape, foil or nonwovens. This flexibility, coupled with our efficient set up and fast run speeds makes our turnaround time less than two weeks, and faster for those rush projects. Although each of our clients’ projects are different, our commitment to high quality services and customer satisfaction makes Converted Products a leader in the contract slitting marketplace.

Top notch slitting and rewinding services at your disposal.

CPI has been operating in the Contract Converting Industry for more than 20 years and has the capacity to slit and rewind your material in the optimal slitting technique. To achieve this, we offer different slitting methods including score, skip slitting, shear and razor slitting as well as different rewinding modes namely; center rewinding, minimum gap rewinding and center surface rewinding. If you are unsure on the type of slitting or rewinding method to use, contact us today and we'll clear the air. Our services can easily be customized to fit you specific needs. 

Basic Slitting Capabilities

Here is a breakdown of the dimensions we handle during the slitting and rewinding process.
Unwind Capabilities

  • Widths up to 136”
  • OD’s Up to 72” OD
  • Core ID’s 3”, 6”, 6-3/4”, 10”

Slitting Techniques

  • Score
  • Shear
  • Rotary Die
  • Razor
  • Single Knife

Rewind Capabilities

  • Slit width’s from ¼” to 136”
  • Rewind ID’s: 1.5” to 12”
  • Outside Diameters: up to 60”

To find out more about our many rewind slitting services, please give us a call at +1 (414) 354-4433 or send us an email at


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