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Spool Winding & Traverse Winding Services

For over 15 years, Converted Products Inc. has been offering spool winding and traverse winding services specifically tailored for clients looking for high tolerance, narrow slit - width spooled packages. 

Why choose CPI for your Traverse Winding Needs?

We offer a full range of traverse winding patterns to optimize the production process that best suits your material whether it is paper, hot melt laminated nonwovens, adhesive tapes, film, extended linear tapes, foil tapes, foil laminates, release liner or nonwovens in general. For instance, we slit and spool packages as narrow as .125” up to 2 inches hence helping you avoid handling of narrow rolls or "pancakes". In addition to this, we have the capacity to wind packages on face spools up to 13” wide with outside diameters up to 18". This increases the throughput at the user's end while at the same time decreases the downtime needed to change rolls.

Slitting and Spool Winding; Service with Class.

What makes us stand from our competitors? Our flexible slitting & spool winding capabilities give us the opportunity to serve all your needs. We have different winding patterns, overlap, side by side or step techniques, at our disposal which can applied on different materials to achieve the desired result. Better yet, the same inline slitting capability offers you a score, sheer and rotary-die cutting which makes it possible for us to achieve the desired tolerance or vary the slit type depending on the material of your package.

Get value for your money.

Our clients have provided testimony that spool wound rolls are better than slit/rewound ones. Here is why you too should get customized spooling services from us: 

  1. You get longer run times and higher line speeds.
  2. There is increased flexibility in package sizes. 
  3. Reduced waste due to roll damage and/ or handling. 
  4. Fewer roll changes and splices during final (end-use) processing. 
  5. You get value for your money.

Converted Products Inc. Spool Winding and Traverse Winding Capabilities:

Unwind Capabilities

  • Widths up to 52”
  • OD’s Up to 45” OD
  • Core ID’s 3”, 6”, 6-3/4”, 10”

Finished Package Dimensions

  • Spool Face Widths: 2” up to 13” wide
  • ID’s: 3” and 6”
  • Outside Diameters: 4” up to 18” OD
  • Slit width’s from .125” up to 2”

Spool Winding Types

  • Overlap
  • Side by Side
  • Step

If you have an application and would like to find out whether it is a fit for spool winding or traverse winding, contact us today and we will advise you accordingly. Give us a call at + 1 (414) 354-4433 or email us at


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